An internship is done for professional development. It is an opportunity to gain experience 
and learn about different careers.  International experience will greatly enhance your resume. 

Volunteer work
 is done for personal fulfillment. It is an opportunity to share with those in need. 

The Internship Program is right for you if you:
- Want to enhance your resume
- Need to get academic/internship/coop credit 
- Are able to make an extended time commitment
- Are willing to commit to a full-time work schedule
- Want to gain professional experience in your field
- Need evaluations of your work  
- Would like the security of a formal work contract. 
- Want to design a concrete project with measurable results and a final product.
- Want the support, advising, and assistance of a professional organization
- Want to support social justice and development efforts in a more professional and academic manner.

The Short –Term Volunteer Program is right for you if you :
- Have limited time to volunteer (1 –2 weeks)
- Would like a less-rigorous but meaningful volunteer experience
- Would like a more flexible schedule (3 -5 half days a week)
- Would like more time to travel and explore while volunteering
- Want to donate your time and resources to supporting community projects

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