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» Short-Term Volunteer Program
Travel – Share - Learn – Give – Make a Difference

For individuals with limited time or who want to volunteer while traveling through Nicaragua, we offer the Short-Term Volunteer Program.  This is an excellent way for dedicated  individuals to support a community development and education program while immersing themselves in Nicaraguan culture and the Spanish language.

This program is open to all individuals, regardless of age, ability, or experience. Short- term work lasts from one to two weeks. Volunteers usually work three to five half days per week. This program can be combined, at an additional cost, with Spanish language classes. Volunteers stay with families to enhance the cultural experience.

Where will you work and what can you do?
All volunteers work with our Kid’s Club in a social housing project in Granada.  Most of the families in this community live in extreme poverty and many young people face situations of violence, abuse, and limited educational opportunities.  The purpose of our Kid’s Club is to take children out of high risk situations and give them new opportunities and a place to learn, play, and just
 be children.

There are about 15 kids who regularly attend the Kid’s Club.  They range in age from eight to 15.  Children who attend on are regular basis and receive good grades, receive annual scholarships to help promote their education and end the cycle of poverty.  The scholarship program is funded by volunteer placement fees. 

Volunteers can contribute many things to our Kid’s Club, depending upon their interests and skills.   Volunteer work with the Kid’s Club can include:

  • Tutoring at our after school library
  • Sports – Frisbee, soccer, baseball, karate
  • Dance
  • Theater
  • English
  • Arts and crafts
  • Beach clean ups
  • And many more – if you have a skill, hobby or interest that you can share with these children we would love to have you!


We are a professional organization dedicated to promoting sustainable social, economic, and environmental development in Nicaragua. Through our Short Term Volunteer program, we strive to  (1) assist motivated individuals find rewarding and mutually beneficial volunteer opportunities  and  to (2) support children living in high risk situations and offer them opportunities to go to school and complete their education.    

Viva Nicaragua! is committed to ensuring a positive and rewarding experience for both the volunteer and the host organization.  To guarantee this, our role extends beyond the actual volunteer placement to providing many additional services and support. 


We provide the following services to our volunteers:

  • Volunteer placement with the Kid’s Club and a supervised project that combines your skills with the needs of the community.
  • Monetary and material donations given to the Kid’s Club and scholarship program.
  • Supervision and guidance throughout the volunteer program.   
  • Resolution of any problems that may arise during the volunteer program.
  • Assistance in designing programs, developing projects, making necessary contacts, and acquiring needed supplies/materials.

In addition, we provide the following logistical support:

  • Pre and post arrival orientation.
  • Family placement
  • Airport pick-up
  • Orientation/safety information
  • Weekend/after program travel assistance.
  • Emergency assistance
  • Staff available 24-hours a day to meet any need
  • Re-entry adjustment information


•Volunteers must be at least 18 years old unless accompanied by an adult.   

•The only additional requirement is that you are an independent and motivated individual, dedicated to making a difference!


Viva Nicaragua! is more than a placement organization. We operate our own development projects and are committed to supporting social justice and sustainable development efforts. When you volunteer with us, you not only support development efforts and education with your time and energy, but also provide valuable economic assistance.   

Placement fees cover:

  • Lodging (with family) and 3 meals a day
  • Volunteer placement
  • Orientation
  • An on-site coordinator available to meet any need
  • Airport pickup
  • 24- hour emergency assistance
  • Donation to the Kid’s Club and scholarship program

Not included in program costs: airfare, cell phone rental, meals and laundry when staying in a hotel/hostel, additional travel expenses, and departure taxes.

Why pay to volunteer?

Volunteer with family stay (includes 3 meals a day) and airport pick-up
1 week          $345
2 weeks        $495

Spanish classes can be provided at an additional cost.

Fees must be paid in full upon arrival.

Program fees are non-refundable. 

Discounts available for groups of three or more.

Contact us for more information!


1) Download and submit your application to apply@nicaraguainternships.org
2) After receiving your application, we will send you a confirmation letter and deposit request.
3) Upon receipt of your signed application and deposit, we will confirm your placement and send you a Volunteer Manual with  important country and program information.
4) Complete payment is due on or before your program start date.
5) There will be no refunds after the  program has begun.  In the event of a personal emergency, we will review the situation and may issue a partial refund.





Questions? Contact us!


“The support was great! Whenever I had a question or a problem I felt very comfortable asking for help or advice from Carrie and Marion.” – Jessica, Public Health/Nursing, 2011

“This program allows you to see the context of the people you are serving and really see social justice issues as multifaceted and interrelated while making tangible contributions to the community.” – Cristina, 2011

“Viva Nicaragua is a great opportunity to view the reality of the world. ...At the end of the day, you learn so much more on your own and you feel like you YOURSELF, have made a difference. “ – Mary , 2011

“It (my homestay) was amazing! Martha (my homestay mom) made the effort to sit down and talk with me…and the entire family made the effort to make me feel comfortable”. – Jessica McFadden, 2011

Nicaragua Internships
The opportunities are endless and you are really given the freedom to bring all of your skills, abilities, life experiences, etc. and creatively contribute them to your project  A beautiful and unique opportunity.
Morea Steinhauer
- July 2009

Voluneering NicaraguaIt (the program) is such a life changing experience.  You learn a lot about what you are capable of achieving, your ability to adapt to different cultures and environments and potential career opportunities.  Living, even for just a short time, in a developing country places a whole new perspective on the world and the conditions that many people live in everyday.  It really is an amazing learning opportunity and overall a fantastic experience.
Kathlyn Parr
- Summer 2009

Volunteer NicaraguaIt is great because you receive a cultural experience with a built in network of peers going through the same things and your work is tailored to meet your interests.
Graham Robertson
-Summer 2009

Volunteering in nicaragua!
"I received more than enough support from Carrie.  Whenever I needed any assistance or help, she was always there with resources and helpful ideas.  It is actually amazing how much she devotes to the program.  Her time, life, mental and physical health, are at the disposal of Viva! Nicaragua interns.
Trista Budzynski,
- July 2008

Nicaragua Internships
“Most mornings we work on micro loans for youth; in the afternoons we plan workshops, visit neighborhoods, or do random errands.  At night, we teach English classes in the outskirts of the city.  Our classrooms are dirt roads between houses.  Students drag out plastic chairs and we teach as dogs run by…After class we often gather in a circle and they tell us myths and legends, or we play games in the road.  Since many kids can’t read or write in Spanish, our teaching style has become increasingly more creative.”
Viva Nicaragua!  Interns,
- July 2008

Viva Nicaragua!
Working with a Nicaraguan NGO, I accomplished more than I ever would have been able to back home. My college leveled skills were greatly
appreciated and I was quickly given responsibilities and respect. I proudly watched my individual work have a direct affect on the people of the local communities. I even had someone stop me on the street to thank me for volunteering in Nicaragua.
Greg Contente,
- August, 2007

Volunteer Nicaragua
“Yesterday  we piled in a jeep and drove down the packed sand beach of Lake Nicaragua, past coconut trees and wooden boats to spend  the day in a remote village providing health care, armed with only a  stethoscope, bathroom scale, and duffel bag full of cough medicine and antibiotics.” 
Viva Nicaragua! 
- Intern, June 2007

Carrie also has cooperative relationships with many Nicaraguans running charitable efforts in the area of Granada and often works closely with them in providing opportunities for students.  Many of these are women running cooperatives, orphanages, clinics, and food programs and are remarkable people.  We very much admire Carrie's approach, in that she works hand-in-hand with the Nicaraguans' efforts to help themselves and each other, and doesn't "overrun" their efforts with her own.


Carrie is approachable, careful, thoughtful and professional in all her dealings with students and those in the community; she is well-respected there.


It’s a wonderful program for anyone who is looking to be creative, independent, and integrate into a community and society.



Nicaragua Volunteer