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We are experienced in coordinating alternative breaks, community service projects, medical brigades, and academic programs and can assist  educators and group leaders in planning educational and service-oriented trips. We will work with you to design an itinerary that meets your group’s interests – including lectures, site visits, cultural and recreational activities, Spanish classes, and volunteer projects. This program is designed for student and faculty led study abroad programs, high school community service trips, and special interest organizations.

We provide:
Airport pick-up and drop off
Tour and orientation
Lodging with homestay families or in hostels
Scheduling of all activities including lectures and site visits, volunteer or community service projects, Spanish language programs, and recreational and cultural activities including canopy tours, beach trips, and volcano tours.

Sample Programs:
We will customize your program based upon your needs and the focus of your  program.  The following is a list of some of the group programs we work with and examples of services provided:

University of Colorado, Denver – Physical Therapy Program (once a year )
Translation of workshops given by US Physical Therapists to Nicaraguan Physical Therapists, visits to clinics and communities to do testing and work with people in need of therapy, airport pick-up, and homestay arrangement.

University of New Mexico – Economics, Development, and Sociology Courses (2009,2010,2011) Coordination of lectures and site visits to meet each course’s focus and translation services

University of New Mexico Dental Hygiene Program – (2011)
A one week program involving morning clinical work including cleanings and extractions and afternoon and weekend excursions. We provide airport pick up and drop-off, orientation and tour, coordination of all work and tours, translation service, transportation, and support 24 hours a day for any reason.

“ Without a doubt, I will definitely recommend this program to others. I would say that it will be one of the most influential experiences ever. I can’t put into words how grateful I am for such an opportunity” Dawn, 2012

Purdue University Service Learning Trips (twice a year)
A one week service learning trip that focuses on Spanish, history, and recreational activities in order to immerse students in Spanish and Nicaraguan history and culture.

University of Michigan– Alternative Breaks  
A yearly service learning program with different community service projects every morning and afternoon/weekend excursions. We provide homestays, tours and orientation, ground transportation, coordination of all activities and community service projects, translation services, and support 24 hours a day for any reason.

“[The program] is an eye-opening experience which will change who you are to some degree and allow you to affect at least one person’s future in a positive way.” - Gabrielle Korb – University of Michigan Alternative Breaks

Regis University Physical Therapy Program
A yearly program that allows last year Physical Therapy students to work directly with patients in their homes, schools, clinics, and communities.  Lectures and site visits included.   Spanish classes and recreational activities included.

University of Cincinnati School of Social Work
A one week program that works with women, high-risk youth, children, and other social groups to provide education and therapy to community members. 

Notre Dame del Demur Art Therapy Program  
Art therapy with women, children, adolescents, and elderly community members.     Work with local psychologists and educators to incorporate new methods of working with their patients, many victims of violence and trauma.  Lectures, activities, and reflection time also included.

University of New Mexico Medical Brigade (2013)
A group of 50 health professionals that provided a variety of dental and medical services for over 500 patients.  In addition to their daily clinical work, every afternoon they participated in recreational activities including zip lining, boat trips, market visits, and a trip to the beach. 

Map the Gap – 2012, 2013
A gap year program for high school students. We coordinate all aspects of the program including airport transportation, tours and orientation, homestays, activities, internships, lectures, Spanish classes, and provide support, monitoring, and evaluation throughout.

High School Spanish and Cultural Immersion (Several groups throughout the year) Programs for 16 -18 year olds that focus on different topics, depending upon the class requirements and needs.  Spanish programs, programs for students interested in public health, Nicaraguan history classes, recreational/cultural programs, and many others are coordinated throughout the year. All programs include family stays, organization of all activities, translation services, lectures, and assistance 24 hours a day. 

And many more….every year we are forming academic relationships with universities to organize these important language, service learning, and academic programs.  Contact us for references.

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“The support was great! Whenever I had a question or a problem I felt very comfortable asking for help or advice from Carrie and Marion.” – Jessica, Public Health/Nursing, 2011

“This program allows you to see the context of the people you are serving and really see social justice issues as multifaceted and interrelated while making tangible contributions to the community.” – Cristina, 2011

“Viva Nicaragua is a great opportunity to view the reality of the world. ...At the end of the day, you learn so much more on your own and you feel like you YOURSELF, have made a difference. “ – Mary , 2011

“It (my homestay) was amazing! Martha (my homestay mom) made the effort to sit down and talk with me…and the entire family made the effort to make me feel comfortable”. – Jessica McFadden, 2011

Nicaragua Internships
The opportunities are endless and you are really given the freedom to bring all of your skills, abilities, life experiences, etc. and creatively contribute them to your project  A beautiful and unique opportunity.
Morea Steinhauer
- July 2009

Voluneering NicaraguaIt (the program) is such a life changing experience.  You learn a lot about what you are capable of achieving, your ability to adapt to different cultures and environments and potential career opportunities.  Living, even for just a short time, in a developing country places a whole new perspective on the world and the conditions that many people live in everyday.  It really is an amazing learning opportunity and overall a fantastic experience.
Kathlyn Parr
- Summer 2009

Volunteer NicaraguaIt is great because you receive a cultural experience with a built in network of peers going through the same things and your work is tailored to meet your interests.
Graham Robertson
-Summer 2009

Volunteering in nicaragua!
"I received more than enough support from Carrie.  Whenever I needed any assistance or help, she was always there with resources and helpful ideas.  It is actually amazing how much she devotes to the program.  Her time, life, mental and physical health, are at the disposal of Viva! Nicaragua interns.
Trista Budzynski,
- July 2008

Nicaragua Internships
“Most mornings we work on micro loans for youth; in the afternoons we plan workshops, visit neighborhoods, or do random errands.  At night, we teach English classes in the outskirts of the city.  Our classrooms are dirt roads between houses.  Students drag out plastic chairs and we teach as dogs run by…After class we often gather in a circle and they tell us myths and legends, or we play games in the road.  Since many kids can’t read or write in Spanish, our teaching style has become increasingly more creative.”
Viva Nicaragua!  Interns,
- July 2008

Viva Nicaragua!
Working with a Nicaraguan NGO, I accomplished more than I ever would have been able to back home. My college leveled skills were greatly
appreciated and I was quickly given responsibilities and respect. I proudly watched my individual work have a direct affect on the people of the local communities. I even had someone stop me on the street to thank me for volunteering in Nicaragua.
Greg Contente,
- August, 2007

Volunteer Nicaragua
“Yesterday  we piled in a jeep and drove down the packed sand beach of Lake Nicaragua, past coconut trees and wooden boats to spend  the day in a remote village providing health care, armed with only a  stethoscope, bathroom scale, and duffel bag full of cough medicine and antibiotics.” 
Viva Nicaragua! 
- Intern, June 2007

Carrie also has cooperative relationships with many Nicaraguans running charitable efforts in the area of Granada and often works closely with them in providing opportunities for students.  Many of these are women running cooperatives, orphanages, clinics, and food programs and are remarkable people.  We very much admire Carrie's approach, in that she works hand-in-hand with the Nicaraguans' efforts to help themselves and each other, and doesn't "overrun" their efforts with her own.


Carrie is approachable, careful, thoughtful and professional in all her dealings with students and those in the community; she is well-respected there.


It’s a wonderful program for anyone who is looking to be creative, independent, and integrate into a community and society.



Nicaragua Volunteer